Charm Trading Suite offers trading facilities for the main European markets. Charm Trading Suite offers full order management functionality. Fast and stable; functional and flexible.

charm order router

Charm Order Router

Charm Order Router for easy order entry on all segments and partitions of Euronext.

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charm derivatives trader

Charm Derivatives Trader

Easy and direct access to all derivates markets of Euronext and Eurex wih Charm Derivatives Trader.

charm interfix

Charm InterFIX

Charm InterFIX for flexibele and high-performance integration of your and your customers trading systems and external exchanges and brokers.

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Block Chain

Block Chain

charm fintrader

Charm FIN Trader

With Charm FIN Trader, you trade all asset classes on all FIX exchanges, brokers and order platforms.

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charm cash trader logo

Charm Cash Trader

Charm Cash Trader for intuitive trading on all stock and bond markets of Euronext, Luxembourg and Xetra.

charm autotrader

Charm Autotrader

Automatically quote stocks with Charm Autotrader. Fast and reliable through a wide range of safety settings.

charm fund manager

Charm Fund Manager

Easily manage all Dutch Investment Funds with Charm Fund Manager. In addition to trading all markets of Euronext, Luxembourg and Xetra

charm finserver

Charm FINServer

Charm FINServer for FIX connectivity to exchanges and brokers. Supports multiple versions of the FIX protocol.

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charm monitor

Charm Monitor

Charm Monitor shows connection status information of Charm InterFIX and its connected systems. Charm Monitor enables early detection and alerts.

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charm trade reporter

Charm Trade Reporter

Easily report pre-arranged trades on BATS with Charm Trade Reporter. Straightforward and reliable with detailed feedback.

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